Laundry Anyone?

Today started off with a hearty breakfast graciously provided by United Methodist Church. We had throwback cereal featuring Cheerios, Corn Flakes, and Corn Pops (which were especially popular). Knowing that we only had 48 miles to cover, we were all in high spirits and ready to attack the day. Luckily, the mild weather continued to hold up well as we cruised to our next stayover in Pittsburgh with relative ease. It was a strange feeling arriving at the stayover, because we were so early. The first groups got in right after noon, and the last ones got in before 3. This created plenty of free time. Most of us decided to take a well-deserved nap, but others preformed bike maintenance and other necessities. A HUGE plus was being able to do laundry at our stayover, Church of the Ascension. Most of us were beginning to smell particularly pungent, so it’ll be nice to have a fresh set of clothes tomorrow morning. Some riders ventured out to find a slice of pizza before dinner and ended up devouring a 30-inch pizza between 4 people in 30 minutes. Not to be outdone, the Church of the Ascension provided a scrumptious dinner packed with fresh baked ziti, watermelon, and ice cream. We’ve been very lucky to have such generous hosts and hope that luck continues. Later, we found out that the Chipotle on the University of Pittsburgh campus was offering free food. (Special thanks to Alex Ciliberto at Chipotle on Forbes Ave). Not wanting to give up free food, a large contingent of riders walked the 3 miles total for free Chipotle (because who wouldn’t). We’ve got about a 70-mile day tomorrow and we’re excited to see what West Virginia has to offer. Time to get some rest.


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