[Journal] Day 4; Newark, DE – Baltimore, MD

“Because the Mountain is there.” – George Mallory

Some people ask why we live in such a rough place.

I have an answer for that question simply as the quote above.

The mountain has been there even before I was born. Who am I to blame or complain for?

If I don’t want that mountain to be in front of me, blocking my path, then I climb up!

Sometimes I feel so embarrassed to look at myself complaining each and every day. I forget so many times how much blessed I am. Some people don’t even get to complain about things simply because they never had those before.

One of the famous German cyclist, Jens Voigt, was once interviewed while he was on the cycling competition. The reporter asked what he does when he feels tired and wants to quit. Here is his answer.

“Shut up, legs!”

Since my fellow I4K member showed me that video of the Jens Voigt’s interview, I do pretty much the same thing everyday whenever I face the obstacles that seem so big to overcome or get through.

“Shut up! Show me some appreciation! You are healthy enough to be on your bike, to climb the mountain, to do what you believe in!”

Day 4 was definitely one of those days that I was challenged.

And I truly appreciate that I can face those challenges……

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