[Journal] Day 2; North Brunswick, NJ – Philadelpia, PA

“If I give away all I have, and if I deliver up my body to be burned, but have not love, I gain nothing.” – Corinthians 13:3

What a great weather for riding today! Sunny and warm with summer breeze.

Before I start this journal, I want to give this long overdue tribute to Sangakar Family.

This family is such a blessing for all I4K members. We were hosted in this family’s lovely home with a great hospitality we cannot explain enough of it. The world truly shines because of people like Sangakars. You truly are the best and God may bless your family for your generosity to your neighbors and fellows.

I would like to also express the appreciation for Pastor Young Woo Suh, his family and his church’s followers. The pastor invited my dear team members Shun, Jaqueline, and me over to his house and cooked delicious Korean cuisines. Thanks once again for your kindness and I simply pray for all of your church people.

Today’s Riding Mileage totals 69.15 according to the cue provided to I4K members during the morning announcement. Unlike Day 1, we had a gorgeous weather. All I4K members started facing fair amount of hills on their way, but there exists no hills big enough to block from pedaling!

Except Jacqueline, all my group members were males, and we were flying over the hills for a whole day. I would like to say ‘Great Job!’ for Jacqueline for keeping up strong with almost-all-male group. That is what I4K spirit is capable of.

On our way to the stay-over place, Calvary Methodist Church, we had a great chance to take a look at University of Pennsylvania’s campus in downtown Philadelphia. This is my second time in Philadelphia, but I never had a chance to look around the downtown area before. Other than my teammate Aash getting stuck on the Trolly track and fall, my group didn’t encounter any dangerous moments for the day.

Thanks for all your supports once again, and great job today, all 2013 I4Ks!

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