Into La Crosse

Today we woke up and left St. John Lutheran Church, after doing team announcements and making the ride dedication for Bradley Hettinger. The route today was a bit hilly, but we were lucky enough to have really nice roads to ride on. We would have liked to ride on the bike trails in Wisconsin, however the trails weren’t paved and we might have faced some bike issues as a result of that. Our route still took us through the same towns the bike trails did, and many of the riders had fun at the bike-related gift shops and landmarks. Some riders even got a discount at an ice cream stand by having a bike that matched their color of the day.

Many of our riders kept a quick pace to get to the stayover early. Once we reached the First Presbyterian church, we were bussed across the Mississippi River to Dr. Chirs’ house. It was fantastic! We enjoyed a cookout, a pool, a hot tub, a campfire, and kayaking on the river after our 87 mile ride. The team returned to the stayover rested and ready for the following morning’s early wakeup.

Thank you First Presbyterian church and Dr. Chris for making our stay in La Crosse, Wisconsin so memorable!

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