Finding our Marbles

This morning we woke up and had a wonderful breakfast, courtesy of Mt. Nebo United Methodist Church. We continued on with our morning and made the ride dedication out to a relative of a rider, Grandma Keller. We went off on our ride and had smaller riding groups today, since we were riding in the mountains. One of the groups was facing challenges early on in the ride and decided to take a water break at a gas station. Coincidentally, the name of the gas station was, “Keller Country Store.” Remembering that the ride dedication was for Grandma Keller, this helped the team remember whom the ride was for and also that we weren’t alone on this ride today. It was a tough day, but it wasn’t as tiring as yesterday since the temperature wasn’t too high. However, everyone faced some difficulties, and tried to work through it as a team. There were a lot of climbs and a good amount of down hills, but we had fun and kept in mind those that we were riding for. Another contribution to this great day was the lovely hospitality that the Everett Church of the Brethren showed towards us. The delicious dinner that they prepared for us to eat was the perfect conclusion to a long day.

While at our lunch stop, we met Tami Diller, a five-year survivor of thyroid cancer.  Tami talked about the support she received from her family, especially her daughter, as well as the difficulties she went through, since she suffered from such a rare type of cancer. “Thyroid cancer is very rare, so I had to do research at the library, and my local library didn’t even have the books. They had to get other states to send them the books.” Tami underwent two surgeries to remove parts of her thyroid and liquid radiation treatment. She talked about how her lifestyle changed after the experience. “I look at life more seriously now, and I think about the big picture instead of my own selfish little needs day in and day out. I try to take better care of myself and my health. I also got close to God. When you’re facing health problems, it opens your eyes and you see life with a new perspective. I definitely got closer to God, because without God, I wouldn’t be here.” In her parting words, she gave some advice, “Just pray, think positive, and listen to your doctors. It may not all be perfect, but they know better than we do.”


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