Finally in the midwest

Our day started well with a wholesome breakfast provided by our hosts at Wheeling, W. Virginia, that set us up well for our 80 mile ride to Ohio. The ride today was less hilly compared to the past few days of biking across Pennsylvania. By this time, our legs were already used to the hills, and we were able to attack these hills with relative ease. Even then, the scorching sun took a toll on our team as the day wore on. We finally arrived at our stayover for the night, Westwood Church in Zanesville, Ohio at around 4PM. Our gracious hosts welcomed us with a wide array of snacks and even made arrangements for us to shower in a nearby fitness gym. Later, they had some church members join us for a barbequed dinner to further extend their welcome. We found out that Zanesville is famous for three things: their pottery business, Tom’s ice cream (top 10 in the whole of the US!) and when animals escaped out of a “home zoo”.

They had also offered to take some of our team members to the fitness gym tomorrow morning before 6am (our regular morning wake up) to give us the option of showering in the morning. For the past 12 days of our journey, our team has been very lucky to have met such gracious hosts willing to take us into their place and take care of us with impeccable hospitality. The route from Washington, DC, to Zanesville has been a challenging ride, but the warm reception from our hosts made our days a lot better. Tomorrow, the team will be biking to Columbus, and we are looking forward to the much awaited and much deserved rest day in Columbus.

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  • evolkman Erik Volkman says:

    Strange that they didn’t mention the Y bridge, it’s all I ever heard about when I rode through, though that was before the “zoo” incident.

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