Bagged Milk and Badgers

Day 25 was our first full day out of our home state, and we were greeted with rolling hills, a clear blue sky, and a lake view path into Madison, WI. The Topol family graciously provided us with a nourishing breakfast to begin the long day ahead. We started with a tense morning, as we had to navigate a narrow road due to construction. The full Illini 4000 team rolled down Highway 51 two across to stay safe for a two mile stretch to prevent cars from passing too close.

As the day went on, the brisk Wisconsin morning gave way to weather and road conditions perfect for a day of road cycling. Along with a few brief coffee stops and “detours”, teams paused for rest stops first by a country farm and then in Edgarton, a small main-street type of town.

Many of our riders have already been acquainted with the charms of Wisconsin, such as the deliciousness of bagged chocolate milk, but all of us got to appreciate the beauty of a summer day here. Riding past Lake Kegonsa, rolling through picturesque small farms, and finally coming up to the scenic capitol square in Madison, the day’s 75 miles passed by quickly.

Thank you to the Madison Alumni Club for hosting us for dinner. The potluck provided to us was much needed and appreciated after being in the sun all day. Furthermore, many thanks to the Bethel Lutheran Church for putting us up for the night in the heart of this great city. Your generosity not only enables our journey, but gives us motivation to continue strong.

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