Week 1!

This week has flown by and I still can’t really believe that I’ll be biking all the way to California. These past 7 days we have changed states everyday, but soon that won’t be the case. Out west we will definitely be in states longer (We’re in SD and WY for over a week each).

Of all the places we have been this week, NYC is the only one I’ve been to previously. The East is quite beautiful and is making me think twice about wanting to live back in Illinois. The traffic is definitely different than anything we have trained in, and the narrow roads that wind up hills were surprising (and nerve-racking). When we get to the Appalachians next week, these hills will seem like nothing, but right now they are pretty monstrous.

I have been able to shower 4 times this week which is fantastic and more than I thought I would be able to!

Before beginning our ride in NYC we were able to visit the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation. 100% of the funds we donate go to funding new researchers focusing on cancer. (Heather, me, and Catherine)

I had a great time celebrating my birthday with the team on May 26th in Philadelphia!


On the DC event day, we got to see all the sites! (Sarah, Ben, me, Elyssa, Heather)

Love from a bike,


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  • Barry Sherry says:

    Jordan – great meeting you and your group today. Godspeed on your travels. Have fun in the mountains of Pa. My sister, Betsy, says if you come into Somerset on Sunday via Rte 31 (Main St.) that you all can stop for water, restrooms, or a break. 741 E. Main Street. Safe travels!

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