Washington D.C., whatup?

This is such a strange sensation. We’ve already spent nearly a week on our bicycles, but if you look at what we still have ahead of us you’ll see we’ve barely scratched the surface. Before our next Event Day in Columbus, OH, we’ll cover hundreds more miles and climb many thousands of feet. We’ll cross mountains and cities and encounter fantastic people and incredible heat.

This is the next week that defines us. Last week began to do this as we started waking up early and consuming inhuman amounts of peanut butter and jelly (seriously – we go through like 2 big jars of each every day). But in this coming week, we will climb through theĀ AppalachiansĀ and fly into Ohio. We’ll see West Virginia and roll along Pennsylvania. And it’s going to be an awesome challenge.

Yet even more than the biking, this organization is about making an impact. I remember hearing Jon Schlesinger quote Eleanor Roosevelt, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” At the time I heard it, I was worried that I might not be included in that group; I worried that I didn’t have a beautiful dream. I knew what I liked to do and what I did well, but it didn’t occur to me that it was all part of a dream.

It is. This is not a dream that I can verbalize concisely. It takes me 17 minutes at my shortest, but it is a dream that I share with 21 teammates, 9 more people on the Board of Directors, and what must be approaching 150 alumni riders. This is a dream of service and of hard work. It’s the dream that our actions might speak louder than words and spread over a crowd that we would otherwise be unable to assemble. The dream is of making the big statement through a life-long focal shift and people who lead and inspire. And in a word, it’s service. Sometimes, it just takes doing something big to show you that big is where we should live.

Let’s hit $150,000.

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  • annmarie cross says:

    FABULOUSLY SAID, Greg. thanks for sharing your dream. we’re all so very proud of you all….

    – tory’s mom

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