To capital city

As we rode into Washington, DC today, the team members were excited to see the city not only because of its awesome monuments, but also because it is the location of one of our rest/event days tomorrow! This will give the riders a chance to relax and unwind after the last 340 miles this week.
On our way into DC, we got to ride through many bike paths leading into the city which was very relaxing to get out of traffic and closer to some wildlife.
Our stay over tonight is at Westminster Presbyterian Church. So far we have had some wonderful conversations with some community members involved with the church, including a wonderful lady who spoke with us about her daughter riding from Washington DC to San Francisco in 1998 for a very similar cause.
Our stay over does not have showers but a team member of ours made a quick thinking phone call to a local swim club called the Waterside Fitness and Swim Club and got us the presidential treatment with showers with hot water, shampoo, and even a sauna.
So far Washington DC has proven to be our light at the end of our rainy, hilly tunnel. Come Friday when we start heading towards the Appalachians, we will be able to hit it refreshed and energized, all while smelling much better than we did earlier today.

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