The time has come!

I am on my train to meet the team in Chicago! It was a super early morning and the last week has been a whirlwind of time spent with precious family and friends as well as frenzied unpacking of everything I moved back from school, whilst packing for the summer adventure.

I somehow got everything to fit in my backpack (woooo!) and made it to the station super early thanks to my mom! Getting up before five am is a feat for anyone I’d say.

So far the train ride is going great and I just noticed our fundraising goal just surpassed $100,000!!! GO TEAM!!!!!!! I am so so proud of everyone for their dedicated fundraising and could not feel more blessed by the countless people who have donated and supported the cause.

We’re not done yet. The adventure is just beginning! I’m excited to see all of you in Chicago. I can’t wait to embark on this journey and have full faith that we can keep fundraising strong to reach our team goal of $150,000 towards cancer research and patient support services – a beyond noble cause :)

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  • Linda Miller says:

    go sarah!xo

  • Geoff Brewster says:

    So proud of you for taking on this challenge. God has blessed you abundantly which I can see in your attitude toward others and towards the challenges and changes coming up in your life. I know you will do great things. :)


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