Potentially 4kLeaks!

Doing a cross country trip is not a easy thing, but writing a blog is more difficult for me. As the most creative sleeper in the team 2011 (who sleeps at the most funny and weird places), I want to do something new and creative. Here is my 4kLeaks plan:

I admit that I am a terrible writer (you can see that from all the articles I skipped, wrong spelling, wrong choice of word, and wrong propositions). Blogging for me sometimes is more difficult than climbing Mt Pleasant. In 2011, I only posted one blog after receiving several howlers from the team directors. But hey I did contribute a lot to the photo gallery for team 2011 (104 out of 108 yes I counted http://illini4000.org/gallery/2011/?picasaViewAlbumId=Illini4000NewYorkCityToSanFransisco,0).

So for team 2013, I will keep posting photos (when the internet is accessible). But instead of taking random pictures (which I will still do), I want you to decide what I  shall post here. I will make a post for each state to collect ideas before we enter that state. It can be anything such as “I4k VS weather” for S Dakota, or “bad table manner” for all states. Please leave comments below if you have a thought. I will select one or more ideas from your comments. After each state I will not only post the pictures in the photo gallery, but also write a blog to tell stories behind pictures that I like.

I4K is such a great organization. We ride, eat and sleep together for a single goal: A world in which cancers are curable. We share our good wishes through our hard ride. Please support us and donate to us!

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  • smoxley Sandra Moxley says:

    No particular state, but here are some random ideas to get you started:

    Christmas in July potentials/cool things found along the road – with the rider who found it. You could also change this up and do photos of bicycle decorations found/acquired along the ride.
    (Insert State Name) Petting Zoo – photos of riders with the animals encountered along the ride. (horses, dogs, pigs, turtles, sheep, dinosaurs, etc.)
    The Mosher Project – a photo from each days Mosher or photos of people Moshering/fake Moshering each other (of course this idea is only if the Mosher tradition is still going.)
    PBJ Party – Photos of riders with their creative PBJ sandwiches.
    Water – I4k’ers in lakes, streams, ponds, pools, flooded roads, downpours, etc…
    Amazing Strangers – I4k’ers with some of the amazing hosts and people they meet along the ride.

    Thank you for giving us all a glimpse of this years ride with the photos you posted yesterday! All the best to the 2103 team and Happy Pedaling!

  • Christine Santos says:

    Great Idea Yang! We never did this in 2011 but how about an I4K cross-country scavenger hunt? Make a crazy list of things you would never dream of seeing or doing while on a bike, then record (pictures or video) riders doing those things. The rider who finishes or finds the most experiences wins (pick something strange for the grand prize). You can share the stories behind the pictures here on the blog. Here’s a start…

    1) Picture/video with a live whale
    2) Pick a fruit and eat it whole, with the pealing/skin on it (bonus points for creativity here)
    3) Record an entire music video on the bike/involving your bike
    4) Most creative corn field picture
    5) Find a field of flowers and frolic in it

  • Barry Sherry says:

    Great meeting you all today. Looks like a big day coming up Sunday. Assume you will take the PA Bike Route S up over Allegheny Mountain. It’s a pretty easy climb :) Also assume you take PA 31 into Somerset. Before you reach “downtown” Somerset, my sister lives at 741 E. Main St. Stone house on the right. She says to stop in if you need restrooms or water. Seriously. Her name is Betsy.

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