North Brunswick to Philly

Today’s ride was much more smooth than yesterday’s. it started off with a motivational send off from the Sangankar and Thakkar families and a delicious breakfast. To top it all off, today was also one of our rider’s 22nd birthday. We started the day by singing happy birthday to her. Following her birthday song, Jordan asked that we dedicated our ride to her grandmother, Linda, who passed away from cancer when she was in the seventh grade. This dedication was a great reminder of why we are doing this ride. Even though we may have been slightly sore after yesterday’s ride, just an hour in the saddle and our muscles were loose. Not only was the weather warm and sunny today, but we also had a tailwind for the majority of the ride. The entire team really enjoyed themselves, and the day just flew by! To make things even better, our stay over (Calvary Methodist Church) prepared a delicious spaghetti dinner for us!

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