A short ride

Today we woke up in Philadelphia and rode 40 miles to Newark, DE.  The 40 mile, day in the beautiful weather was a breeze compared to the previous two days of 70 miles. At our 20 mile halfway point we were met by team rider John Meehan’s dad Andy Meehan. Mr. Meehan rode his bike with us for the remaining 20 miles; it was nice to be able to enjoy our ride with a new face. After leaving Philadelphia at 8 we made it to our stayover at the Salem United Methodist Church by lunchtime.  Our wonderful hosts not only met us with snacks upon our arrival, but took us to the YMCA for some much needed hot showers. We were all treated to Water-Ices, a sort of east-coast version of shaved ice. Their generosity led to a feast of Italian food for the entire team. The people at Salem United Baptist Church are more welcoming than we could have ever hoped for.

The team made a new friend at the Glasgow YMCA near our stayover. We were approached by a woman who had recognized what we were doing and the cause we were doing it for. Once we got to talking with her, she introduced her daughter who was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 6. Because of family history, this woman was familiar with the disease and recognized her daughter’s symptoms. She pushed for certain leukemia related tests to be done. It was from these efforts that doctors were able to catch her daughter’s leukemia early. That was 3 years ago, and for the past year her daughter has not needed a single treatment and is doing very well.

Today we had nothing but wonderful interactions with people. We have been receiving all kinds of support in our ride so far. At the YMCA this story reminded us of why we ride. We are riding across the country searching for a cure, and the fact that we get to meet generous people like the people at the Salem United Methodist Church are just an added bonus.



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