[Journal] Day 1; NYC, NY – North Brunswick, NJ

“People say the world is a rough place, and there should be someone to fix it.

We say the world is full of gratefulness because we do what we truly believe in our heart.”

It has begun!

We are 2013 Illini 4000.

The weather was not necessarily pleasant, but that made a stronger bond among team members to stay together. I appreciate everything we have faced and got accustomed to learn and be cheered.

There are so much I want to share about our host, and I would like to mention those great things separately.

Every mile counts and every heart beat rhymes with what our spirit is meant to dream of.

Thanks for your support and kindness!


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  • annmarie cross says:

    Thanks for sharing! so excited to haer how the trip goes and grows…

    Tory’s Mom

  • haeley says:

    I am SO, very proud of you, keep the cheerful spirits throughout your journey. Do remember that you are in my prayer– for the safety and for life-changing experience you shall have! May the God’s grace be with every one of you. Love you!! Xoxo

  • Susy says:

    What a plrusaee to find someone who thinks through the issues

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