Explore D.C.

Today was our event day, but since the event was canceled we were free to go sight-seeing and tour Washington, D.C. After sleeping in, we went to the laundromat to do more laundry and then went exploring. The ticketmaster at the holocaust museum was nice enough to allow us allow us in without a preregistered time ticket since we were on such a time crunch. The museum was very moving and interesting. After that, we went to the Air and Space museum and saw the Wright Brother’s exhibit, Apollo Gemini and Mercury space ships, WWII fighter planes, and Charles Lindbergh exhibit. The museum was very crowded with school tour groups, so we were unable to do the flight simulator. After those two museums, we were able to walk around the mall and see the outsides of other buildings.

Next, we went to see the White House, Washington Monument, and other buildings.  Everyone was back by 5pm for a team meeting and a wonderful, gluten-free dinner provided by Greg’s Aunt, Ginny Colten-Bradley.  She was also kind enough to donate gluten-free snacks.  Thank you Johnie Meehan for donating breakfast and snacks.

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