How close we are…

Here is the question I asked myself yesterday after I received my mom’s phone call.

“How close was I, and could be?”

It may seem pretty far down the road of one’s life, especially if you are just in early age of 20. Well, at least I felt that way for quite a while. The last time I ever felt that I was close to my edge was 4 years ago. Back then, I was diagnosed with Fatty Liver, requiring immediate action for proper diet and regular work-out. That moment drove me into a whole new path. However, as I have become confident in my physical status, I forgot that lesson.

Over this spring break, my wife Haeley and I visited my family back in S.Korea. During that one-week-long visit, I visited a medical center in Seoul for my health check up. It was a very thorough process, which involved colonoscopy. The doctor put me into a coma while practicing colonoscopy, and when I woke up, he told me he removed two irregular groups of cells grown in my colon. Also he mentioned that those cells could be developed into a colon cancer if not treated for several years.

The official result just came out this Monday. My health in general was fine. My family’s major concern, however, was the result of the colonoscopy. According to the cell analyzing, one of those removed groups in fact was the potential cancer cell group. As soon as the result came out, Haeley changed my entire dietary into “Cancer-Resistant”¬†ingredients with low sodium. Yet it is not only my dietary to be changed, but once again I remind that very lesson from 4 years ago; Always ask yourself how close you could be.

Because if I am asking myself that question, that means I am still alive, and that is something to be grateful.

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