90 Mile Training Ride – A Day in the Life

Today was our 90 mile training ride and we got to experience what a day in the life of I4K is really like. The 2013 Team had the opportunity to lead groups on our own today which was really great preparation for the summer.

The morning started off great, but once we made it to the hills of Indiana we got some rain and tailwinds! Our ingenuity was tested again today at lunch since we didn’t have knives for our peanut butter and jelly sandwich but we made it work with cardboard. Classic I4K.

Half of the riders did the marathon this morning, so it was great when the team was reunited at Faith Church. We also got the opportunity to meet Pastor Chris and his wife after cooking our first I4K dinner of lentils and pasta.

Thank you to Faith Church in Fairmount, Illinois for hosting us tonight. We couldn’t do this without great people like them.

Today made us all really excited for the summer to begin and for this to being our routine every day!


Illini 4000

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