See you, San Francisco

Right now I’m sitting on my plane out of San Fran trying to make time pass…(the flight has been delayed for 3 hours!) 
It’s finally hitting me that the trip is actually over. After months of waking up and getting on your bike, it starts to become completely normal. I guess you start believing that biking is your new life and the friends you eat oatmeal with will always be there to keep you company. I never expected to miss it all so soon but I definitely do. These past few months will be hard to top. Even though we were technically doing the same thing all the time, every day was a new adventure. The landscape constantly changed and we barely slept in the same place twice. I met people each day and listened to a million stories.  It’s incredible to see how others define and experience life in 19 different states. Just watching and listening to people from across the US helped me figure out who I want to be.

Carrying my aunts necklace  in my saddle bag across the country made me feel ready to ride each morning. She’s the one who got me through the toughest climbs and the windiest days and it was all worth it for her. Seeing my family in Missoula was one of the best parts of the trip. After weeks of traveling it was nice to experience relatives who are familiar, warm, and connected to her. My last night in Missoula it stormed for a short time before all of sky turned bright pink and I couldn’t help but think the sky was changing for her. The sunset that night was one I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

 We  learned this summer that cancer is everywhere we are and it feels really good to know that we gave people hope for the future on our journey. I wouldn’t trade the sweat or exhaustion for anything. 

Other Notes:
I learned a lot from strangers this summer, but I learned just as much from my teammates who I can now call my friends. I don’t know how I would have done this without them. Not only because they are amazing but also because they are much better at paying attention to cues and directions than I am…

It’s incredible to see the country from two wheels and I think this trip has definitely given me a sense of patriotism and loyalty that I’ve never felt before. 

Also Megan and Cassie, if you’re reading this you are the best older sisters anyone could ask for. Thanks for being there to greet me in San Fran!! #sistertrip 

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