Pacific Ocean!

We absolutely made it from coast to coast.  Although we have 5 days left until we cross the Golden Gate Bridge… we pedaled our way from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean.  For some reason the Pacific was 10 times more exciting.  Maybe because it actually smelled like salty ocean, there were real ocean waves crashing on the rocky shores and sandy beaches, and the misty overcast weather was the northwest Pacific at its best.  There is no real way to describe the overwhelming feeling of seeing the coast except for that it is safe to say we all felt like total bada**es that just conquered mountain ranges, dry hot deserts and riding through the windsurfing capitol of the world.  Heck yes, we did that.  The next few days are extra credit in our heads and more of a scenic redwood bonus.  I cannot believe I4K world will be over in 5 days.  As much as some of us need a break from all of it, I am positive I will be missing my bike and all my new friends.  69 days down, 5 days to go!  Bring it on.

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  • Tom Kelleher says:

    You kids are awesome!

  • Kim Miller says:

    Looking forward to seeing the whole I4K team crossing the Golden Gate bridge in a couple days! We are very proud of all of you for doing this awesome Charity trip for cancer. Will miss reading the daily updates! You have touched many lives through all your days riding coast to coast. Give yourselves a pat on the back for a job well done. =)

  • Barb Miller says:

    You are all awesome young adults for giving your time and energy to raise awareness of cancer! Enjoy reading the updates. Safe travels on your remaining days of riding. Kristen, we look forward to hearing about your trip the next time we are all together at your grandparent’s house.

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