Take That Kristen

Greetings from Idaho. My friend Kristen has informed me that I am long overdue in writing a blog post and as such, have left her with little to do with her time so to conced; here it is.
The past week and a half or so have been some of the most gorgeous. We started off the stretch in Yellowstone but unfortunately due to bike issues, I had to drive the van for the duration of the park (Although, on the bright side, this just means I will to go back for another visit). In addition to our two days of riding in Yellowstone, we had the opportunity to camp for two nights. After an interesting bought of weather, we ended up getting monsooned which resulted in most tents, sleeping bags, and the like having large amounts of water on, in, and surrounding them; that was grand fun.
But then, oh then, we moved on to Montana. I have never been sadder to leave a state; between the million and one Subarus of Missoula; spending the evening at my friend’s ranch (doing things such as petting a day old calf and hanging out with some goats); and the never ending beautiful scenery that comprised of rows of mountains and a bubbling stream along almost every major road. I never wanted to leave. It is what it is, however, and I will be back someday.
I can’t believe we have less than 3 weeks left in this trip. I’m sure the next 3 states will fly by with brilliant speed but until then, I plan on lavishing in every minute of it.
Satisfied Kristen?

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