Rapid City!

Today was a short day from Wall to Rapid City, SD. It was our first time biking on the shoulder of the interstate. It was a very hot day and many of us got flat tires throughout the ride, but all in all it was a good ride.

At the stayover, we interviewed Leon who saw us biking today and then met us at a dollar store. He was amazed by what we were doing and met us later to learn more about our cause and to share his inspiring story of his cancer, two surgeries and how his grandson got him back on his feet after these challenges.

The community of the United Methodist Church, where we are staying, provided us with a wonderful dinner, and we are so grateful for that! After dinner, our ride leader also organized and decorated the room for our Illini 4000 prom. We all dressed up in things we found in thrift stores along the way, took pictures, danced a little and went out to explore Rapid City!


Looking forward to the event day in Rapid City tomorrow!

Thanks for the support!

Illini 4000

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