Missoula, Montana

I haven’t been able to post too much lately due to lack of effort, beauty of nature and greatness of friendship. I cannot recall what happened exactly for past 30 days, but all I need to know is I am in Montana, and it is a beautiful country out here.

One of the greatest blessings from this trip is friendship. Many of us are already planning on next adventures we are going to pursue, and God only knows if it will really happen, but we still get super excited while planning for it. In the sense, today’s visit to Adventure Cycling Association was very fascinating. We’ve met many fellow cyclists, and one of the founders was there to talk to us. At the end of our conversation on many of the traveling plans we have, he said something that would leave a great impact on my mind.

He said, “Make sure you do it.”

Make sure you do it, Young.

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