Keep Missoula Beard

Hello friends!

Today, we rode mostly downhill to the unique town of Missoula, MT. Some groups stopped in Drummond or Philipsburg for some extra calories, but the whole team had lunch by a local natural spring and swimming hole near I-90. Jumping in from the rocky shore, swimming underwater to a hidden cave, and general merriment was had by all. Upon arrival to Missoula, home of University of Montana, the team was greeted by the wonderful people of St. Anthony’s Church who quickly showed us to all of the packages and letters we received. Mail drop day is a lot like Christmas — packages being torn open, candy and baked goods being consumed, and some were even playing with brand new toys (thanks Mrs. Young!) After that, the team was treated to some food donations from Bridge Pizza and Taco Treat Mexican Restaurant. Thank you so much! Although not everyone had the energy to explore the town after dinner, the bumper sticker “Keep Missoula Beard” was spotted on a local vehicle. The team looks forward to understanding what that’s all about tomorrow.

Love, hugs, and tailwinds!
The Illini 4000

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  • Sarah Ross says:

    Hi all –

    I am the secretary from St. Anthony’s in Missoula. It was so great to have you all here. Missoula is easy to fall in love with. I just wanted to clarify that the original bumper sticker was “Keep Missoula Weird!” It has morphed into all kinds of other slogans. I hope that some of you had the chance to visit Rockin’ Rudy’s store so you could see the bumper stickers and all kinds of other fun things.

    I admire all of you so much for the work you are doing. In all honesty, I did not realize what your group was all about until shortly before you arrived. You can be sure that I will be following you for the rest of your trip and in the years to come. I lost my father to cancer, as well as my brother-in-law, and almost everyone I know has been affected in some way by this disease.

    I wish you all success in your group and personal goals. Thank you for your contribution to the world and your passion for your cause.

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