Idaho, Here We Come!

Today, the team woke up in Missoula at 5am, with 97 miles ahead to Clearwater National Forest. Our ride this morning was dedicated to Warren Gettinger, the father of one of the rider’s friends, who is currently battling cancer.

The first 40 miles were gradual climb up to Lolo Summit as we entered Idaho.¬†We had a lunch stop at the top of the mountain where there was a lovely visitor center. After lunch, the team began their descent along the Clearwater river stopping to bathe in a natural hot spring, a 1.5 mile hike off the road. The water was surprisingly warm near the spring and very cold in the river, so there was the perfect water temperature available for everyone. After drying off, the team flew down the mountain to Wilderness Gateway Campground — a beautiful area on the river. The team cooked spaghetti on the propane stove and scarfed it down before lying down to reflect upon the beauty they saw today. We look forward to seeing more of what Idaho has to offer!


Our thoughts are with rider Patrick Ruane and his family through their family emergency. We send love their way.


Thanks for the support,

The Illini 4000

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