Hot Springs Here We Come!

Today we woke up snuggly in our tents to the crisp morning air, and it felt amazing to be out in nature! We started our ride by finishing the downhill of the Big Horns through the town of Tensleep. The day went by faster than we anticipated as most of it was flat lands. We biked through several construction zones first and then were shuttled by the construction crew a few miles, which made the first 40 miles go by really fast!
The team took a stop at Larsons bike shop in Worland, WY, and also one group stopped at a farmer’s market in town, where they were lucky enough to receive food donations from some of the amazing vendors! Also, two portraits were conducted in Worland! We can’t thank everyone enough for everything they’ve done for us along the ride, from the donations to the portraits to the general kindness!
We finally reached Thermopolis early evening and are staying right across the street from the sign for “the worlds largest mineral hot spting!” With a rodeo a block from the stay over and A&W bowling lanes in the town, most of us are sure to be busy this evening!
We want to thank A&W Lanes for their generous food donations! We also want to thank Thermopolis’s Hot Spring County Recreation District for giving us a great place to sleep, with an incredible view!
The team’s looking forward to our day off tomorrow!
Love, hugs, and tailwinds,
The Illini 4000

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