Forever West

Hello Everyone! It was another eventful day for all the riders of I4K as we started the day in Rapid City. After a restful off day, riders were able to tackle the Black Hills that awaited them. The climbs were definitely long and hard, but the views of the mountains, Mt. Rushmore, and Crazy Horse were well worth it. We met many people along the way, especially at Mt. Rushmore, and were able to spread the word of our mission to them. Some of the groups even saw people they met in the badlands! Today was one of the longest days of the trip for many groups due to the heat and hills, but by the end everyone was able to feel accomplished for what they completed.

Tonight we are lucky enough to be staying at Christ the King Church in Newcastle, WY! We are officially in the west and hitting what is new land for many of the riders since we entered another new state today! Tomorrow should be a fun day for the team since we will be celebrating the Fourth of July! We will also be avoiding forest fires, don’t worry parents. Happy almost Fourth of July!

Much love,
The Illini 4000

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