Big Horns!!

Today we left from Buffalo, WY on our way to conquer the Big Horn Mountains! We started out our day with a 35 mile climb uphill riding toward the snow-capped mountains, ending with a beautiful view at the top of the mountain, 9,664 feet above sea level.  We climbed a vertical mile! This was all rewarded with an 18 mile downhill that curved through a breathtaking view of the canyon.
Everyday the team does a ride dedication.  Last year our president of the Illini 4000, Greg Colton, abolutely loved this ride.
We thought it would be the perfect day to dedicate to Greg and his father who passed away after battling brain cancer. Greg has dedicated so much work to this organization, and we cannot thank him enough for that!
We were lucky enough to stay in a beautiful campsite right in the middle of a canyon in the Big Horn Mountains. There was a rushing stream right near our campsite that we were all able to cool off in.  It was our first night of camping as a team and it is safe to say we are all excited for more camping nights to come.  However, we were not able to build a campfire due to the fire danger, so instead we had a second PB&J meal for dinner!
Due to the terrain we had a lack of cell service, but don’t worry parents — we are all safe and sound!
Much Love,

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