Alpacas Galore!

Greetings! Today we continued rolling through Idaho (from Kamiah to Lewiston) and the scenery could not have been more different than the days before; starting out in the heavily-wooded Clearwater National Forest, moving into the hilly somewhat familiar prairie-like landscape, and finally ending in the breathtaking views of hillsides covered in wheat, or plants, and dotted with alpaca.  The day was riddled with high winds and the potential for unfavorable weather, but all turned out well thanks to the beautiful winding down hills and abundance of gas stations (a luxury we have come to much appreciate), the day was overall quite the success.  When we finally arrived in Lewiston, we were greeted by the lovely people of the First United Methodist Church who provided us with an amazing taco buffet complete with guacamole.  Although our travels through Idaho have been somewhat brief, we have met loads of amazing people and Lewiston was no exception.

Onward to Washington!

Much love,

The Illini 4000

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