Adventures of Our Own

I can say that Missoula is one of the coolest city we have been in so far! We felt like the city was very welcoming us. Today was our third to last event day. It felt so weird that we have more days that we spent together than the days we will be together.


We visited Adventure Cycling Association today. As soon as we got there, we had a barbecue with them and had a great chance to talk to them. After having lunch, we looked around the place, which was gorgeous! People were so welcoming to us and all of us became members of the ACA! On the wall, there were pictures of people who had done cross country biking in 1970s. In black and white pictures, their adventures looked awesome and reminded us how lucky we are to be one of the people!


At ACA, we met people who we have seen along our trip in the past few days. We were so glad many bikers are out there adventuring the world and could get together again in Missoula! I hope our trip will be remembered by other bikers and our supporters as good memories!


Thanks for all the support,

The Illini 4000


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