South Dakota!

Hey I4K friends, family, and fans!

Today the team rode a long day (93 miles!) out of Jackson, Minnesota to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. South Dakota marks the 14th state border I4K has crossed since our journey began 31 days ago. Minnesota had some memorable moments since we climbed out of the Mississippi Valley and made our way across the state. We can attest to the state motto “10,000 Lakes” as every day at least one team found a lake to jump into for an afternoon swim to escape the heat. Minnesota proved to be a great experience for the team as we make our way out of the Midwest.

And now we find ourselves in South Dakota (“Great Faces, Great Places”)! We were treated to an amazing dinner by our generous host at Zion Lutheran Church. Much of the team made it out to the infamous Sioux Falls for a spectacular waterfall view and some much needed relaxation. The team is more than ready for what this new state has to offer. We would like to thank the Zion Lutheran Church again for the wonderful meal, the local YWCA of Sioux Falls for allowing us some much needed showers, and everyone we talked to on the road for your kindness. Looking forward to continued tailwinds tomorrow!

Much Love,



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