Our First Century Ride!

Our first century ride! What an exciting day to write the team post. Today started out at the early hour of 5 am and our senses were delighted by an original song written by our own Bradford Chapin. We then split into our groups and went off into the relatively flat land of Ohio. The day went by faster than a lot of us expected, and the mood was lightened with British accents and songs. Many of the team paused for multiple ice cream stops and lunch was wonderful because of a donation made by the Angry Baker in Columbus, Ohio. We met some fun people including a fellow cross country biker and a man named Danny.

Meeting Danny Ebrite was an interesting situation. A group had pulled off the road when a truck pulled up next to them and the driver started asking them questions. He then offered the team members soda at his home where we started to explain the reason why we were biking across the country. Little did we know, his son had colon cancer and we collected a portrait. The experience was very pleasant and he was very positive throughout the entire journey.

Lastly, the Illini4000 would like to thank a small Fire Department for allowing all of us to use their bathrooms!

Thanks for the continuing support!

Illini 4000

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  • Amy Chapin says:

    Thank you for this wonderful post! All the details are really great for those of us who wish we were strong, young, unencumbered, or committed enough to do what your team is tackling each day. Each of you has a special spirit. I hope that your common strength of commitment to a cause will allow you to grow close to one another as you contine your trek.

    BTW, Unless the song Bradford wrote was just for team morale and filled with inside jokes, it might be fun for your supporters to hear.

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