Midwest is Best…

Already in Indiana, can you dig it? Today was a special day because it felt like home…flat, full of farmland, and windy. With only 72 miles to go today, we chose to have a random group ride day which means all of our names went into a hat (Jaime K’s pocket) and we picked our groups from that. What fun I4K has in the morning! As we started the ride, the wind was a new element we had to deal with and some would even chose mountains over it. However, riding with Illini 4000 is not suppose to be an easy bike ride, and the team is coming to realize that every single day. Even though we have different difficulties to deal with everyday, all we have to do is ride. Life is so good and remembering the reason behind the ride adds fuel to the fire whenever we spot a hill or rain on the horizon. Luckily we get to reconnect once again with the cause by going to a local Relay for Life.

We split into two groups because there was not enough room in the van and headed to the Relay for Life at a local high school. First, we danced with other participants to lighten the mood. We were surprised by the dance skills of some of our teammates, especially Kenny and Bradford. After a couple of sick dance moves, we visited tents that were set up and talked to the people about their experience with cancer. At some of the tents we collected portraits from Timothy W. Elshire, Stacey Bogan, and Sandy Brooking. In overall, we have had a wonderful time.

5 AM wake up to head to Rockville, IN!

Much love,

Illini 4000

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  • I am the Grand Mother of alumni rider, Justin Patrick Taylor, whom I believe is on the board of the 4000. Justin, now a 3rd yr Law Student at U. Of Mich. continues to do weekend biking….when you ride into Chicago, I am sure if he can, he will be there to meet you at the Bean….
    You have conquered our Famous West Virginia Mtns. which will be a training ground for what is to come…..Be careful, God Speed, and enjoy the ride….

    Aileen Taylor
    From the Mountains of West Virginia…

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