Make Believe

I’ve often been laughed at during the past three weeks referring to the rest of life, excluding I4K and the summer therein, as “real life”.  Alas, as I have spent the past 30 or so hours with friends and family, it have felt like a completely different summer; wearing real life shorts, eating real life food, watching a real life movie, and buying real life things that don’t all have to fit into one backpack.  Even as I say this though, my 30 or so hours of real life were non but riddled with I4K.  The first thing I did with my free time; went to a bike store and (a big and for those that know me), my body is officially on an actual schedule, causing me to feel exhausted by 11 and wake up with impressive mental acuteness at 8 am.   SO as I sit here, packing my fake life I4K bag, preparing for the coming weeks (or couple of months I suppose) of returning back to sleeping, eating, cycling, eating, repeat; I can only imagine what returning back to classes, work, etc in the fall will feel like.  Until then, however, I fully plan immerse myself back into fake I4K life; where everyone knows the Mosher, cleaning your cassette is exciting, and 4 t shirts for the whole summer, is just peachy.

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