It Feels Great to be Home!

Today we rode from Rockville, IN to Champaign, IL. We had our first rest stop at the border of Illinois and it felt great to be back at home. Our lunch stop was at Homer Lake, the same place where our very first training ride ended! In a way, it was strange returning to the place where it all started. We had our traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwich lunch, filled up our water bottles, and rode off with several Illini 4000 alumni for the last fifteen mile trek into the University of Illinois campus. For many on our team, it is the last time they will see the campus, as they graduate or return to their home countries.

Arriving at the Alumni center was a fantastic experience as we were greeted by a wave of cheering and smiling faces. We’d like to thank all those who came out to see the team roll in after our first one thousand miles, especially the Alumni Center’s staff, University of Illinois professors and staff, Illini 4000 alumni, and the friends and families who continue to support us! WCIA3 actually featured us, which can be accessed here:, so a big thank you to them, as well as to the News-Gazette, which featured us on the front page of their paper, which can be seen here:


On a final note, our Portraits Project website is now up and running!
Please check it out here:

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