Hope Lodge in Rochester

I was grateful again today that I could meet people who has beautiful mind through I4k.

Today we met this beautiful lady Carol who has spent 8 months at Hope Lodge. She was about to get her treatment and we could talked to her for a while before her treatment. We were looking at the map which shows where their patients are from. She pointed Florida where she is from. She came up to Rochester to get treatment according to her physician’s recommendation. She was spending time here with her husband who is her caretaker. She said how beautiful her hometown in Florida is. She thanked what we are doing and was close to tears and so was I.

Every time I meet this people, they thank us and I think that how lucky we are to meet these wonderful people. All we can do for them is to do what we have been preparing for a year and keep rolling. They don’t know how much they inspire us and we appreciate them telling us their stories. I would love to thank all people that told us their stories.

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  • Lola, we so enjoyed meeting your team of cyclers today. While you may have been touched by us, we were inspired by all of you. to have so much compassion and heart at such a young age, when you all could be relaxing through the summer. You all are rising stars!

    We would love to send a care package to you for your stop on July 2. Please let us know what we can send for you.

    We will also be sure to blog about your project and post a link on Facebook so others can support your cause.

    Keep being change agents!

    Bill and Keni Brown

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