Homewood Sweet Homewood

Today we left Clifton for Homewood, our final stop before Chicago! Riding with us were two I4K alumni, Connor Ramsey and Linsey Rock. The Rock family allowed us to stop at their home today, where we were treated to a fantastic lunch, including homemade ice cream! Huge thanks to the Rock family! On top of that, we learned how to make rope! Just a typical day of I4K.

Arriving at Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church, we were welcomed by Pastor Kolhowski, who gave us the opportunity to shower, go swimming, and make ourselves comfortable after another day on the road. Our generous hosts deserve a huge thank you; we sincerely appreciate the hospitality, and dinner!

On top of this, the team completed two more portraits, one of a high school student and one of a college student: Ryan Howard and Jacklyn Tusack. Thank you to both of them!

Finally, we’d like to thank Athletico, especially Ms, Bigelow and DePrima, for providing the team with their services! After so many miles, we appreciated the great stretch!

Thanks for the support we receive everyday! Love,
The Illini 4000

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