Exhausted and Happier Than Ever

Mountains, done. Can you believe it?! I’m actually really sad about it…even though my knees are very happy now. West Virginia is probably one of the most beautiful states I have ever seen. Waking up in the morning to see the dark purple ridges against the warm sky is the best sight, and the best feeling is getting to the top of a mountain.

*Pictures are in my disposible cameras…they’ll come eventually

I have met people who are unforgetable because of their kindness. A special shout out goes out to Serge, the man who opened his garage to nine soaking riders during a scary thunderstorm. Thank you for the stories, roof, and trinket. :)

I won’t lie and say that all of my days were amazing though. There was a day in West Virginia where I was scared for my life more than once. These times include a teammate forgetting a  helmet, an extremely horrible car crash with unsettling timing, and the sound of skreeting rubber right behind us. Biking on the roads is a lot more dangerous than I ever thought and there were times when I felt that someone was watching over me and my team mates. Reflecting on that day, I try and remember the postive part, like the guy who took thirty minutes out of his day to pulled over his car to tell us a safer (totally beautiful) detour. It makes me want to believe in something greater than all of us.

Today was fun though. Great company-team “bike for boys/ girl talk” and an ice cream stop at Clay’s Cafe. Plus we got to help out our stayover, Broad Street United Methodist Church, with their homeless dinner and I met Miss Mary, she was a hoot and a half. Everyone we have met at every stayover have been extremely nice and each place seems to get better and better. I never knew people could be so loving. I mean seriously… we each got our own omelet for breakfast?! Not only has my stomach been happy, my soul has never been fuller. Thank you Illini4000 for making me a better person to help the fight against cancer.


I am pooped and happy tomorrow is an event day. Goodnight.

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  • Mary Fee says:

    Your message is energizing and inspiring. Every day a new challenge which appears to be balanced out by all the goodness found along the way. Proud you are able to work for this cause, one that affects us all and continue to do random acts of kindness along the way. Sending positive energy to all of you as this adventure unfolds!

  • Cindi and Marty Mele says:

    Great reading your entry Casey! Safe travels to you and your teammates. Can’t wait to see and RIDE with you when you hit the Windy City area!!See you then. Really proud of you and raising money for such a great cause. Love ya.

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