I feel like this summer is an amazing dream. Now that we rolled through Chicago we got to go home and relax one night and here I am, watching a movie with my sister on my couch. It was easy to slip back into what is so familiar, but I am having withdrawal. Withdrawal because I can’t hear Ashley laughing in the other room or Alex truing a wheel, or a Steve Irwin impression. Even though life at home is totally amazing, everything seems like it’s unreal. I’m excited to get back on my bike especially because my friends at Pedal & Spoke fixed it up real nice.

So here we go again, I’ll be back into the swing of things soon enough, until then, I get to see my uncles, cousins, aunts, friends, family, and dog. Tomorrow is a ride along event – so come! The information is somewhere on this website. So with that said, see you tomorrow! :)

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  • Cindi and Marty Mele says:

    Casey,and teammates,
    Thanks for letting us join your ride! You are all amazing to KEEP RIDING. We were pooped last night, and cannot imagine how you guys feel. Just a little sore from my tumble, (dumb walker with headphones,) but worth it! Hope you have an amazing trip out to San Francisco!
    Love , Cindi and Marty Mele

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