Well we made it through the mountains and it feels good to be in Columbus. This is our second event day and this one feels deserved. The past few days have overall been challenging and we have conquered a little adversity here and there. Morale is back up for the most part after a fun night on the town last evening. Off to enjoy the freedom an event day provides. See y’all in champaign.

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  • jennifer gartside says:

    Wow, already to Columbus (and Champaign)! Makes my worry about biking out to Mahomet and back rather insignificant.

    You’re through the Adirondacks, and now onto the prairie. Thank goodness for the glacier smoothed plains prior to the next mountain range. Wish I had been more aware of the ride and had caught a glimpse of you as you came into Champaign. Hope the remaining time on the road is fabulous. I’ll make sure to check in here and see how you’re doing.

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