Today, we had a short ride to Millennium Park. It was only 29 miles which allowed us to have an extra 30 minutes of sleep. You don’t know how grateful we were for the sleep.

We had an extended rest stop on the lake shore. It was really great to have some free time to ourselves along the water. At the rest stop, we met a woman who asked us about our ride and when we told her about our ride, she told us about her husband who does cancer research. We are hoping to talk to him on Saturday at out barbecue event.

We arrived at the bean around noon and there were many people greeting us. It was amazing to see all the people supporting us. We would not be able to do our ride without their support. Non-Chicagoans did not have anybody to greet us, so we formed “the orphans.” I4K served as a second family for those of us whose families couldn’t make it, and we are lucky enough to stay in the luxurious UIC dorms.

Sean Laude, who was a part of the first team, joined us today to drive the support van. He gave us an inspirational speech about “going west.” We had the pleasure of having lunch with Sean and he told us stories about the first adventure. Throughout these last 6 years, a lot of people have worked very hard to make this organization what it is.


Thanks for the support as we head West!

Illini 4000

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