Throughout 20 days of my ride, I have biked through many places that I have never been before, and never seen before. This America I live in sure is a wonderful country with generous people. However, there was no place like home.

Our run from Champaign to Chicago provided me and my teammates not only physical rest but also mental support that was needed to get us going for 50+ days more. Many friends came to see me in Champaign, and my sister Stephanie, Tony, Sammy and Ellee have visited me in Chicago. It is amazing what family members and friends can do to your morale.

When Tony told me that he appreciates me for what I am doing, I stopped and asked myself; what am I doing? Sometimes, it is so easy to caught up in fatigue and bike hunger that I forget who I bike for and for what cause we are doing this. This Chicago stop will be a good place to go back to square one and rethink about the cause.

From here we go west.

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