Today we rolled into champaign urbana. It is unbelievably strange to think that I just biked to my house from New York City. And this ride is less than a third done. Strangely enough coming home was not as big a deal as I had thought it would have been. It honestly feels like just another day, except that instead of enjoying the city I’m in, I’m catching up on all the little things that have slipped through the cracks (organization, laundry, etc…).

On the otherhand two days ago we were in Indianapolis and it was absolutely amazing. We went to a Relay for Life event, and honestly it may have been the most fun I’ve had on this trip. And we did a portrait of the man (unfortunately I cannot remember his name right now) who was running the event, and his energy and appetite for life was truly amazing.

And yesterday we stayed in Rockeville Indiana with some of the nicest people I have ever met. The ride was fantastic (although I find I actually miss hills). And the Ice cream was fantastic.

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  • Amy Chapin says:

    Connor! The t-shirt you are wearing in your profile pic is amazing! Where/how can I get hooked up with one of those? I will not wear it as well as you do, of course, but I must have it in my life.

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