Today, I completed my first century, i.e., a hundred mile ride.  It was actually one hundred and four to be precise, but who’s counting.  The funny thing is, this athletic accomplishment was not nearly the most rewarding part of the day (I did figure out, however, that after about eighty miles I get really bored and start doing things such as singing Chim Chim Cheree and Ninety Nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall).

During today’s ride, we had pulled over by a stop sign in order for one of our riders to put their chain back on and were greeted by the very colorful and congenial Dan.  We ended up drinking Cokes in his front yard and one thing led to another and we conducted a Portrait (As well as heard many a rendition of a few folk songs from Dan himself).  Shortly after, as we were riding along, we had pulled off near a McDonalds due to a small collision in another group near us.  As we did our customary bathroom run into the restaurant, one of the employees offered us each a sandwich of our choice.  It was a very nice gesture and I don’t think they even know how much that meant to us.

Champaign, here we come.

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