Appalachians, Ahoy

So today was our first in the Appalachian Mountains and it was amazing; it was challenging, fast and most of all; beautiful.  Every view from the top of a new mountain was exponentially worth every pedal that went towards getting there.  I would be lying if I said that prior to today, I wasn’t a little apprehensive about riding in the Appalachians but all of those thoughts went away about 5 miles down US 50.  We have two more days in this range and then we move on to the Midwest.  I feel like we’ve been doing this trip for ages but it’s really only been a week.  It amazes me that this group of college students (and beyond) has set out to do this trip; literally making their way across America one pedal stroke at a time.

Also, due to a lack of internet and a very long day yesterday, I have a few words to leave you with that should more or less sum up the day; The Secret Service, tornado watches,VA-7, and sitting in our new best friend, Serge’s garage.


Watch tanned, eating honey roasted almonds, and forever thirsty.

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