Across Borders

Today was a short 35 mile ride into Stephan from Mitchell. After the first few miles of the ride, the team began to notice a very prominent change in the landscape as we rolled into the true American west. The scenery was very inspiring and for many riders marked the beginning of what may be the most memorable part of the ride. About half way through the ride the team stopped at a hotel in a town called Fort Thompson to meet with many Native American residents who had experiences with cancer to conduct portraits. We learned a great deal about the ways cancer has impacted the lives of these members of the Sioux Nation. We continued our ride into the Native American reservation into Stephan, South Dakota. We were given a great dinner of spaghetti, vegitables and garlic bread! We were also visited by Jeff Swansen, a local Souix resident who showed the team his traditional native American regalia and talked about his culture and the state of modern Native American reservations. Tomorrow the team will roll out to Murdo, South Dakota. Until then, thanks for reading!
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Illini 4000

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  • I am checking in every day to see how it is going with you…and reading each history of the trip as you post it….you are doing a great job of keeping your followers up to day,…….

    Aileen Taylor
    from the Mountain State of West Virginia….and the sight of the State Capitol, Charleston, on the banks of the beautiful Kanawha River….names from an Indian Tribe….

  • Juli Richards - American cancer society says:

    It’s great to read of your travels and adventures. Appreciate all you do in the fight against cancer! Wishing you safe travels along the way…

  • Maria Birch says:

    So happy to have hosted your group in Chamberlain. Wishing you a safe journey and looking forward to hosting the 2013 Illini4000!

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