A Road Paved with Bagged Milk and Portraits

Greetings I4k Fans,
We once again find ourselves winding our way up, down, around, and through Wisconsin, traveling almost 90 miles between Reedsburg and La Crosse. It was another scorcher and the roads just seemed to stretch on and on; but fortunately, we stumbled upon Rudy’s ( a drive-in burger joint), the ginormous Ben Bikin’, and wait for it…BAGGED MILK!!

To complete the ride, we arrived at the First Presbyterian Church in La Crosse and were shuttled to the Pastor’s friend, Chris’s house, right on the Mississippi River. We were treated to burgers, pasta, kayaking, and water volleyball. Chris was super generous and even shared how cancer had impacted his life through a Portrait interview. We also completed 2 other portraits along the road! Huge thanks to Russ and Pam, who both took time out of their day to be interviewed at two of our rest stops.

As today winds down, and the rain pours on, we look forward to riding through Minnesota tomorrow morning.

Windswept in Wisconsin,
Illini 4000

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