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Just a heads up this blog might be a bunch of random, tangent thoughts because I’ve been meaning to write for days but the internet is far and in between. FIRST, I want to acknowledge how great my family is.  Riding into Chicago was so great.  Seeing Lake Michigan, riding along Lake Shore Drive and seeing the skyline, which I have all done before, was ten times more exciting because we had made it there from NYC on bike. ON BIKE!  Even though all of  those things were amazing, seeing my Mom waiting at the Bean made me feel like I was home.  She even brought me a Take 5 bar =D

Being home was kind of a tease though.  My comfy couch and my own bed!  Seeing my dad and brother.  Playing wizard!  All my friends coming over to see me for 2 hours being heading out on the road again.  At least I know I have something great to come home to =)  But what I really want to emphasize is how much the small things mean and how much my family being there for me keeps me going on this ride.  My little brother even rode my old purple mountain bike on the ride along for 25 miles!  I feel like this blog isn’t capturing what I want it to about how grateful I am and how much everything and everybody meant to me in Chicago.  So thank you!!!

On another note, I cannot believe we are going to be in South Dakota tomorrow! This ride is already flying by way too fast.  It is remarkable how many people we have met along the way.  Random store owners that have been touched by cancer and tell us their story, friends of pastors who let  us swim in their pools and share their stories about being touched by cancer, and even the church janitor who brought me to tears telling his story of being a caretaker for both his parents.  It is no secret that too many people have stories but hearing them on a day to day basis in the most ordinary of places really reminds me of how badly this disease needs to be beaten.

And random side note: For the first time, a few us ran 1.5 ish miles to a DQ (needed a motivating destination) after our 85 mile day.  Guess which one was harder?  Chicago half here I come!

OH also, ate pasta and lentils for dinner for the first time tonight! Just goes to show how generous communities and individuals have been for the past 30 days and how spoiled we have been.  A sincere thank you for reminding me how much good is out there.

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  • Tony Hooker says:

    Hey Kristen,

    It was great seeing you when you swung through CU. The whole office is so proud of you and your efforts. Keep up the good work


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