Where we stand

Today we arrived in Washington DC after five days of bike riding. It has definitely been the journey of a lifetime, though we still have the majority of our journey ahead of us. I’d like to thank the Thakkar family for having us the first might and motivating us to keep going regardless of how hard it will be. The towns we have passed through have been gorgeous and completely worth the ride before. New York City was fantastic and the atmosphere there was one that I will never forget. The cities, however, are not what the trip is about; it is about fighting cancer, as I came to realize during our stay in Baltimore, where we visited a Hope Lodge and interviewed people affected by cancer. It really struck an emotional chord with me to talk about the disease with other people, from the woman we met from a small town thirty minutes away to the daughter of a breast cancer survivor. We had a former 4k rider talk to us that night, and many people on the team shared why they are riding. Opening up about this and moving past the jokes that we share throughout the day really connected me more to everyone on a more personal level. Everyone is affected in some way, and that thought has really pushed me these last few days, and hopefully will keep me going for many more.

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