Today’s Rest, Tomorrow’s Mountains

Today is day 6, and it is our very first rest day. After conquering some of the east coast for the past 5 days, we have arrived in Washington D.C. for a much needed rest day. What an amazing experience it has been thus far and there is still so much land to cover. My concept of time is just completely a blur, the days between getting off of the train in New York City to arriving at George Washington University last night have become a jumble of awesome memories.

Every city we reach and all the people we encounter impress me more and more every day. When we were in Philadelphia, PA, we left the stay-over, walked maybe 2 blocks to get food donations and came back with 3 large pizzas, delicious fruit and veggies, 28 sandwiches and loaves of bread, and last but not least soup salad and bread sticks from Olive Garden! If that isn’t a feast, I don’t know what is. This trip is off to a great start and there’s really nowhere to go from here but up. Literally, mountains here we come!

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